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Quality Initiatives and Certificates  

Aquapharm Chemicals is a quality conscious supplier of phosphonates, polymers and biocides. Our plants at Mahad and Pirangut are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. Additionally our Mahad plant has received OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. Aquapharm products are Kosher Certified by J K Kosher. All AQUACIDŽ produces are processed under Halachic regulations and are Kosher EXCEPT for Passover.

Recognising the need for continuous development, Aquapharm has set up a dedicated Research and Development and Technical Applications Centre equipped with state of the art instruments. A dedicated team led by Phd's work on improving existing products and adding new products and applications to our ever expanding portfolio.

The Quality Control laboratories at our plants ensure that our customers receive the best quality products with adequate quality checks at all stages of manufacture.

Aquapharm Research & Development laboratory is Government of India Recognized Labarotary (Recognition is given by Ministry of Science & Technology based on the facilities and quality of research). This laboratory has been certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Aquapharm has received NSF certification (Standard 60 - Drinking water chemicals - Health Effects) for our products viz, Aquacid 105 NS (HEDP), Aquacid 106 NS (DETMP) and Aquacid 108 NS (ATMP), Aquacid 1076 NS (HMDTMP).


Application Development Center

Aquapharm has dedicated Application Development centre equipped with state of the art laboratory set up & instruments to work with customers for developing new applications & carrying out performance evaluation studies.


State of the art laboratory with instruments such as PMAC machine

Highly qualified application chemists

Excellent connectivity with network connection and video-conferencing with other locations

Performance evaluation studies in the areas of;
    - Detergent application:
1. Auto Dish Washing: Tablets and sachets
2. Fabric Care: Powder, Cake and Liquid

    - Industrial & Institutional application: I&I formulation support

    - Water Treatment application: Basic studies in determining the water analysis and scale inhibitions

    - Oil Field application: Various scale inhibition studies based on static and dynamic methodology

    - Reverse Osmosis & Thermal Desalination application: Relevant water analysis, scale inhibition studies

    - Textile application: Textile proven additives evaluation at various textile unit operations from scouring to finishing

    - Agriculture application: Micronutrient support for agriculture business

    - Electronics application: Use of third generation sequestrants in the various electronics manufacturing processes


Washing Machines-Top & front loading
Dish washing machine
Color Matching Booth
Detergent Cake Manufacturing Pilot plant
Ross Mill Apparatus
PMAC for dynamic studies for inhibition

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