Detergents, I & I Cleaners
* Phosphonates

AQUACID phosphonates find use as Anti-incrustation Additives in all kinds of cleaning formulations by virtue of their high chelation value and formation of stable complexes with heavy metals. Besides anti-incrustation properties, they enhance detergency, stabilize bleach components and assist in stain removal.

* Polymers

MAXINOL polymers are used as anti-redeposition additives due to their high dispersing abilities. Many MAXINOL Polymers also have high chelation values to provide anti-incrustation properties to cleaning formulations.

* Performance Chemistry

Aquacid PC series products are performance-oriented chemicals with very high chelation values and excellent anti-scalant abilities. These are cost-effective alternatives to NTA, EDTA, polyphosphates etc. used in Industrial & Institutional Cleaners.

These products find applications in;

- Household Laundry Cleaners

- Commercial Laundry Detergents

- Water Softeners

- Hard Surface Cleaners

- Special Cleaning Formulations

* Phosphonates

* Polymers

* Performance Chemistry
      Specially engineered for
   Car Wash, Automatic Dish-Wash,
   Warewash, Hard-surface cleaners


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