Aquapharm offers organophosphonates having high purity & which exhibits heavy metal chelation property for controlling heavy metals in the process of PCB manufacturing / metal surface treatment.

The organophosphonates are recommended to be used in the cleaner / etchant / electroplating bath formulations
Chelating agent/sequestering agent
These products are used as sequestering agents to hold the metals in solution & to chelate metal impurities. These products are used to sequester the heavy metal ions for effective cleaning to get better final product quality.
Hydrogen Peroxide stabilizer
Aquapharm offers products which are used for Hydrogen Peroxide stabilization in etching/cleaning solutions.
Aquacid 109EX EDTMP Acid
Aquacid 1095EX EDTMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 105EXLC HEDP Acid (Low Chloride)
Aquacid 1067 EX DETMP Sodium Salt
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