Industrial Water Treatment

* Phosphonates

Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of organophosphonates, under the Aquacid brand. Aquacid phosphonates has unique properties and these, when used alone or in combinations offer solutions to many water related problems in industrial water treatment systems.

Aquacid phosphonates exhibits multifunctional properties like threshold inhibition of commonly found scales of calcium & magnesium, sequestration of metal ions & deflocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic & thermal stability these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost effectiveness and performance.

* Polymers

Maxinol polymers find application in formulation of Cooling Water Treatment, Boiler water treatment & Closed system treatment. All Maxinol polymers are manufactured with stringent process controls to give low polydispersity and highest performance efficiency.

Our phosphonates & polymers are used in formulation of following water treatment systems;


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